Is Ninjutsu a martial art?
Ninjutsu uses psychology, magic, and astrology to influence people, and consists of such knowledge for living as pharmacology, medicine, and astronomy to bring out the highest ability in humans, and uses espionage (intelligence gathering) and strategy activities (strategy to lower the enemy’s ability to fight). There are martial aspects of ninjutsu handed down which employ sticks, ninja stars, and farm implements as means of self-defense, but the image of a fighting, sword-swinging ninja is particular to the world of comic books and movies.
Were ninja really able to disappear?
We often see pictures of ninja holding scrolls, making signs, and disappearing into a cloud of smoke. However, ninja do not become invisible humans. They momentarily misdirect the gaze, and used the human psyche or gaps in their sight to disappear, and that is what these pictures express.
One secret of ninja is to show “lies” as “truth”, and conversely, “truth” as “lies”
Are there heirs to the art of ninjutsu today?
There are several researchers of ninjutsu history, but as for a ninjutsu heir, Kawakami Jinichi (honorary director of the Iga Ninja Museum) is the 21st Soke of the Koka-ryu Hanto, and is called the last ninja.
Is there a ninja enthusiasts group?
The “Iga-ryu Ninjutsu Preservation Society” has ninja-fan members from all over Japan.
To contact, please call Mr. Kuroi at 0744(25)0385.
I would like to study ninjutsu. What should I do?
The “Banke Shinobi Training Center” offers personal training according to the teachings passed down from Koka and Iga Ninjutsu, in those skills and fighting arts which can be applied to modern people.
Please contact the Banke Shinobi Training Center Office: Tel. 075(602)3062

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